About us.

We founded civicsquare in 2011 to fill a gap in the teaching of civics in New Zealand. Our courses teach people about Cabinet, Parliament, the courts, policy and law-making, information law, and everything in-between.

We think that knowing what government looks like, and how it actually works, is important. And it can be a big help in your job, whether you work inside the public sector, or if you work with government agencies.

Our eLearning programmes and face-to-face workshops are designed to fast-track people’s learning in these key areas by making the content enjoyable and relevant.

Check out a little bit about us below, as well as some of our in-house clients.

Andy Rigg civics


Dr Andy Rigg

Managing Director

Andy has a wide brief covering public sector liaison, private sector engagement, course bookings and enquiries, recruitment, marketing, and finance.

Andy completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma for Graduates at the University of Otago. She carried out a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Victoria University of Wellington. She also holds a PhD from Victoria University where she undertook quantitative and qualitative research on children’s perceptions of family and a longitudinal study of young people’s experiences of parental separation. Her work has been published and presented at a number of New Zealand and international conferences. Andy has worked in academia, with NGOs, and the public sector. She worked for Statistics New Zealand in the Social Conditions Business Unit as the Team Leader and Programme Manager of the Family Statistics Development Programme, before becoming the Team Manager of the Family, Maori, and General Social Survey teams. 

Contact: (021) 1892-787, andy.rigg@civicsquare.co.nz

Ryan Malone civics


Dr Ryan Malone

Course facilitator

Ryan facilitates the short courses and customised in-house training courses, and conducts private teaching. Ryan also manages the company’s research programme. He is the media contact for civicsquare.

Ryan completed an LLB at the University of Otago. He holds a BA (Politics), a Masters of Law, and a PhD (Law) from Victoria University of Wellington. His doctorate considered the effects of MMP on the constitution and was subsequently published by IPS. Most recently Ryan has worked as a policy advisor at the Law Commission on the major overhaul of New Zealand’s alcohol laws. He then worked for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in the Cabinet Office with responsibility for coordinating the National-led government’s legislation programme during the 49th Parliament. Ryan is a frequent political and legal commentator in the media. 

Contact: (021) 205-5149, ryan.malone@civicsquare.co.nz

How the New Zealand government actually works is much more of a mystery than it should be. State servants in particular need to know all the fundamentals. Ryan Malone has done some of the best research in recent years to unravel how the legislative process works. He is well qualified by virtue of both his learning and experience to provide instruction on what happens in there.

Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC

Harbour Chambers, Wellington


All our courses can be run in-house. We’ve customised in-house courses for these agencies: